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About Us

Welcome to Fit for Life (Women’s  Health and Fitness Club)!  At Fit for Life we provide the full package when it comes to your overall health.  We focus  both on the importance of nutrition along with a variety of exercise classes and a separate area for members to work out.

Our Services:

What you can expect!

One of our goals is to promote an atmosphere that is comfortable, friendly, motivating and inspiring.  No need to feel like you will stand out and that people are watching you.  At Fit for Life you will see all different body types, ages and fitness levels.  Although all of your individual goals may differ you all have one goal in common and that is to live a healthy lifestyle!  When entering our facility you will feel at ease, motivated and excited knowing that you are on your way to reaching your goals!

You are not just a number
At Fit for Life each and every person is just as important as the next.  We strive to ensure that all members receive proper instruction when it comes to attending a class, their daily workout and nutrition.

In conclusion our goal is to help you reach your goals! We have a passion for health and fitness and that will shine through when you interact with our staff.